Red Blend 2017

This wine is a blend of 3 red varieties; Touriga Nacional, Grenache and Tinta Cão. These varieties are commonly grown in Portugal and often used in both red blends and Port production

This fresh dry red is possessed of soft tannins that gently caress the tongue. Delicate flavours of red berries, dried plums, nutmeg and molasses mingle tantalisingly with savoury notes of prosciutto and cured meats. The finish lingers delightfully for such a light red.

Light intensity, brick red colour with orange-brown hues

Intense floral aromas open into a melody of candy, cherries, ripe plums, spices, white pepper, wood and leather.


the Touriga Nacional, Grenache and Tinta Cão were harvested and fermented separately in small batches. Each batch was pressed off skins towards the end of fermentation. Malolactic fermentation was conducted in stainless steel tanks where the wines were matured for 12 months. Fining was conducted with benonite clay before the wines were racked clean and blended together for bottling.

Le Grand Rosé 2018

This wine is named for the natural beauty Cape Le Grand National Park which is located just a stone’s throw from the vineyard. It attempts to capture the austere beauty of its namesake within its delicate palate. Shiraz is a versatile red grape capable of producing complex and intriguing rosé wines.

This vibrant rosé is reminiscent of Christmas in the Australian summer heat. It starts with a fresh fruity burst of ruby grapefruit and granny smith apples. It then yields the lovely soft flavour of tinned cherries mixed with cloves and nutmeg, accompanied by a creamy mouth feel. With a delightfully long finish these flavours continue to dance on the tongue well after the wine is gone.

Vibrant rose and salmon

A very delicate aroma of musk lollies, rose hip and dried peaches with hints of mint and pepper.


Harvested from dry grown Shiraz vines in the southern end of the estate, the long summer allowed a deep intensity of colour and flavour to develop in the smaller than average berries. The colour extracted quickly from the skins and the juice was drained directly off the berries after destemming and crushing. This wine was fermented at low temperature in stainless steel on full solids. Fined only with bentonite clay and light filtration a small amount of sediment in the bottle is testimony to our gentle processing methods that serve to best preserve the delicate aromas and flavours of this wine.

Classic Dry White 2017 (sold out)

Once considered passé Chenin Blanc, the keystone of this white blend, is currently experiencing a well deserved renaissance in Australian winemaking. 

This dry white wine has a fresh zippy acidity. It is light bodied with delicate flavours of citrus, white nectarine, ripe peach and lemon meringue pie yet with a refreshing juiciness.

Light pale straw

Medium aromatic intensity. The smell of honey dew, citrus and spices. It also offeres a back bone of minerality and just a hint of jubiness.


The summer of 2016/2017 was a strange cool and drawn out affair, unusually the whites took longer to ripen in the vineyard than the reds and this white blend was the last of the grapes harvested for the vintage. There was a small percentage of botrytised berries included in the pressing and the low temperature ferment was conducted on full solids. This wine was clarified using bentonite clay and filtration prior to bottling.