Meet the winemaker

Aneta is a Condingup girl through and through. Growing up she could be found either helping her parents around the vineyard or exploring the bush with a pup at her heels. Even during high school, which Aneta attended in Esperance, she would often convince her friends to join her on the vineyard for the weekend rather than escaping into town with them. After graduating high school and looking for adventure Aneta moved to Japan where she lived and studied. And apart from a taste for a good drop the passion for wine did not seem to have taken root. However in a series of unusual events that began with the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011 occurring the same day she touched down in Perth on what was meant to be a short trip to visit friends and family, led Aneta back to life in Australia and into the wine industry.


Aneta went back to university in 2011 studying a degree in Viticulture and Oenology at Curtin University of Technology. Since graduating Aneta has worked in several wineries in Margaret River and the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Aneta also did a stint as a cider maker in the Perth Hills, she describes cider making as “exactly like white wine production but easier”. Since late 2016 Aneta and her dad Jim have been working to re-establish Condingup Vineyard. By bringing the vineyard back into working order and beginning wine production.

Aneta has a real passion for what she calls “drinkable wines” and is inspired by the red wines of Sicily and Portugal. She has a clean and straightforward yet open minded approach to winemaking and strives to produce wines that best reflect the quality of grapes grown in Condingup. Through simple best practice grape growing and winemaking Aneta believes she can make premium wines in the South East Coastal region. Aneta’s ultimate goal is that through the production of high quality approachable wines that can be enjoyed by wine buffs and young players alike, Condingup comes to be recognised as an area of excellent wine production.